Thistle Me This - One Year On

Thistle Me This is one year old today and I can hardly believe it!!

Since my husband persuaded me to try again with my business full time, at the end of July 2017, life has been a rollercoaster. I had had my eyebrows shaped by a beautician at the beginning of July and she happened to have a spare room.......

The month of August 2017 was extremely busy, I was to open for the first of September, I had to scan certificates, make sure my insurances and memberships were all up to date, make sure I had a place to keep clients details safe, I did some more courses, bought towels, products, card reader and about a hundred other things, I built a website, created a facebook page. I threw myself into it and then had to go on holiday for two weeks!

This last year has been a learning curve, apart from new courses and commissioning and moving to the wonderful Shepherd Hut in March, I have had to learn how to create a business plan, balance books, use a programme called Xero, keep updating the webpage, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and now Instagram (apparently thats what you do).

I have obtained an online booking programme, which now comes with an app, designed my leaflets, vouchers, business cards, created ad's, taken part in holistic events, charity events, given presentations, planned special and on going offers, learned how to use facebook comment picker (truthfully, I got my daughter to show me that one).

My wonderful Shepherd Hut.

I have worked with companies for the best organic products, had my tops embroidered with my logos and a gazillion other little things ....and....most important of all .....met fabulously interesting and wonderful people, some of whom have become the loyalist clients, occasional feedback guinea pigs (official term is 'model') and, dare I say, friends.

I became a holistic therapist all those years ago to help others, to help ease pain, to work with people to obtain the best results, I have learned to tailor my therapies to my clients to enable this.

I wanted to make sure therapies were available, accessible and affordable and I think I have achieved that by keeping reasonable pricing and creating offers every month. Therapy is for everyone and no one should have to live with pain, if it can be helped.

I make sure each client gets enough time too, from the moment they walk through the door, to the time they leave. Holistic Therapy is not just about releasing muscle pain, its about discovering the underlying cause, its about looking at the best ways for you, going forward, in every day life/work/play, for your Body, Mind and Spirit. For you, in your entirety. I love it, I love knowing that people leave feeling better, more positive, lighter and balanced. And I learn too, everyday, from you.

I have received amazing feedback which I am so very grateful for, when you are a small business like me, feedback can be the difference between you and everyone else.

My training continues, today I took part in a healing workshop, I am also currently studying specific shoulder pain, with JING, later this month I am attending the foundation in an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy course. The work doesn't stop but neither does my interest or care.

I have new leaflets which arrived in time for my first birthday and a new rewards scheme which will introduce a £15 voucher for any therapy.

So a huge, enormous, humungous THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me over the last year, everyone who has encouraged me, liked and shared my posts, and especially to all my clients, I honestly couldn't have done it without YOU.

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