May - The Therapeutic Stones

So there I was a cynic of the highest order, not believing in the benefits of Hot Stone Massage, not grasping the effects, not understanding how it could possibly be a good massage.

However I had some clients with very bad backs and I wanted something to aid in the warming and relaxing of the muscle fibres, so that I could then manipulate the muscles in the massage. However in order to use the stones you have to do a course. So off I toddled. Huffing and puffing ..................

..........and returned enlightened.

I absolutely fell in love with these wonderful therapeutic volcanic stones. Spewed from the belly of the Earth, created in fire, left and moulded for eons and carrying with them the magical properties entirely their own. I am a believer and I'm not just talking about Unicorns here.

So now I am able to offer two types of massage, Essential Hot Stone and Tropical Hot Stone. Essential Hot Stone is a hot stone massage with blended essential oils, chosen to aid the client, the warmth of the stones is fabulous for truly deep relaxation, add this with the properties of the essential oils and you benefit for days after. The Tropical Hot Stone is hot stone with warm coconut oil, helping you deeply relax and drift off to tropical climes and dream of warm sandy beaches. Tropical Hot Stone is great if you can't have essential oils for some reason. both massages are delivered the same way.

As part of these massages I also use crystals to align your Chakras, by placing them over the Chakra points on your torso, the crystals carry their own therapeutic benefits and I dowse to see how well your Chakras are working. I then use Reiki where required to help balance them. Chakras can let us know how well we are feeling, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. By this point the client is normally extremely relaxed and not often aware this is going on!

Using the smooth stones and the crystals together as far as I am concerned, makes for the most deeply relaxing, balancing and gently uplifting, feel good therapy. ( I just can't say enough good stuff about it)

Afterwards the stones are scrubbed clean, rinsed and dried in the Sun or Moon to recharge, the crystals are also cleansed and recharged using the Sun or the Moon. Before being used on the the next lucky client.

Feedback from my models has been terrific,

....'deeply relaxing' .....

.......'it felt like I could feel the warmth from the stones in my bones, helping me relax', ...

........"I feel really light, like a weight has been lifted".......

......"The tension just went like it was melting away,".......

........"love the coconut oil, when I shut my eyes I thought I was on holiday, with the smell and warmth from the stones"........

..."I love the idea of using crystals, it just feels right somehow."......Ok the last one was me but they all agreed!

Costs for the Hot Stone massages are £40 for the Tropical and £45 for the Essential. In JUNE however there is a special introductory offer of 25% off - only in JUNE though!

Try it, you are so worth it. :-)

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