April - What a Month!

April has been for me a wonderful

month littered with emotional highs and lows. Its my second month at the Shepherd Hut and I am feeling more at home though there is still a bit to do. The garden is growing well and every day you can see the changes, the phrase "April showers bring forth the May flowers" is quite appropriate.

The London Marathon took place this month, the hottest on record and I was there along with a few other therapists to help the Stoke Association runners. https://www.virginmoneylondonmarathon.com/en-gb/

There were 180 runners organised by the Stroke Association https://www.stroke.org.uk and funds over £40,000 were raised which is a tremendous feat, I believe there were other runners also running to raise funds for the Stoke Association in not quite an official capacity.

The Stroke Association had contacted the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapist) to ask if they could contact members for volunteering on the day with massage. Thats how myself and the team got involved. We came from all places, London, Essex, Derby, Huddersfield, Poole, Wales, Bedfordshire and we now keep in touch give each other ideas and links. What a great bunch, #proud to be part of the team!

This is us whilst the race was going on, we are (not in any particular order)

Emily Rose - Emily Rose Massage Therapy

https://www.emilyrosemassagetherapy.com based in Poole

Laura Ellis - Laura Ann Massage Therapy

https://lamassagetherapy.co.uk. based in Westcliff on Sea

Violet Meyer based in London

Manuela Rufener - Manwella Sports Massage

https://www.sportsmassage.cymru based in Wales

Cesare Gaetani - https://www.fht.org.uk/users/gaetani195525

based in London

Abigail Joynes - Mtrine

https://www.mtrine.com. based in Derby

Rebecca from Huddersfield. to be updated I'm just catching up with Rebecca

Andrea Rashford-Hewitt again just catching up with Andrea.

This lovely lady here is a stroke surviver who became more aware of the Stroke Association and what they did after her stroke just over three years ago, she now works for them, organises and takes part in events! One amazing person.

There are always hero's in everyday walks of life which we are not always aware of, we rush around and never think of perhaps why a person is struggling or moving or talking a certain way, we in our busy lives are often dismissive, and when you hear of someone recovering from a stroke you perhaps never give it the right amount of credit. Having a stroke changes your life drastically, you are often not the person you once were, recovering can take a long time, learning to speak, write and walk again can be frustrating and emotional. Family can help and so can the Stroke Association.


Read Rachel's story, I shared her page on my facebook page never for a minute thinking I would get to meet this inspirational young lady, but I did, I actually ending up giving her a massage, it was a humbling moment. Though to be honest they were all amazing people, the washing machine delivery guy, the young actress who had applied but didn't get a place until very unexpectedly at Christmas then spent all the months in between, wondering what she'd done and if she'd make it, the guy from New Zealand, the mum and daughter, so many more people giving their all to help, a lot of them cried when it was over. Its not just the marathon, its the months of training in the freezing cold, the ice, the wind, rain - the total commitment to it. I was so grateful to be a small part of it and I know I would do it again in a heartbeat. Here are some pictures of the team in action.

If you need help or know someone who does -https://www.stroke.org.uk/finding-support

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