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Ear Candling

Available now and its a therapy which is so comforting and relaxing and has so many benefits I can't recommend it enough. Yes I've tried it.

To actually get the most from this therapy you really need a little course of treatments, normally £25, a course of three will be £60.

Deep Tissue Massage

Although I have always offered an advanced massage as one of my therapies I have also completed the Deep Tissue Massage course and will be incorporating this into the Advanced Massage, the massage is quite a tough massage as described on my therapy page and not for the faint hearted, its aimed at those suffering from tight muscle fibres usually attributed to those who do a lot of sports or running, though you may benefit if you have extremely bad back and shoulders.

Back Massage I do already offer back massage but the amount of people I see who are really suffering has made me think, having constant therapies can be costly, though you can never put a price on health, I have decided to offer a course of Back Massage for those who initially need consistent help.

Normally my Back Massage is £25 for 30 minutes, though I do often go over time as I want you to feel better (!), I will be offering a course of one per week for one month (4 weeks) for a cost of £75, which means each will cost £18.75 or essentially you get one free. However these will have to be booked and paid for in advance.

After a month of treatments I suspect we will be able to reduce visits to two for the second month again discounted to £18.75 booked and paid for in advance, before a normal maintenance of perhaps one a month which will be at normal price of £25. During all of this I will expect you to work with me to help make improvements on a day to day basis.

Mix n Relax , Top n Toe , Reflex n Reiki

Mixing of therapies to give a wonderful session of pampering, a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Mix n Relax means you can pick a couple of therapies to have at the same time, an completely relaxing spa like experience, you will need to contact me to arrange which therapies and arrange bookings, costs will be at a reduced rate.

Top n Toe means a relaxing and rejuvenating experience of Reflexology and Holistic Facial at the same session, this takes approx 1 hour 30 mins and costs just £45. Please allow extra time for consultation and aftercare advice at the end.

Reflex n Reiki means having an wonderful Reflexology therapy followed by a gentle Reiki healing, this is simply fantastic and so deeply relaxing, cancel everything for the rest of the day. This lasts approx 1 hour 45 mins and costs £45 its so worth it.

**With all therapies please allow extra time for consultation and aftercare advice.

COMING SOON - Shamanic Reiki - Keep checking back for updates, this is an amazing interactive Reiki healing.

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