Exciting Start to the year

January has been an amazing

month, one I am truly grateful for, I have been busy with my January offer, having returning clients and met some wonderful new ones too!

I have a new scheduling arrangement which allows online bookings, great for if you only have a few minutes, the links can be found under the therapies on my website and to the left in the list on facebook.

Clients will receive a confirmation email to show its all ok and going through. If you don't receive an email please text or message in the normal way. It is early days.

I have now made public the 20% off all my therapies for Forces personnel, NHS, Police and Fire Service, quite honestly they deserve it.

I am also offering 20% of therapies for repeat clients, repeat means you have to have had two or more therapies in two consecutive months.

Ear Candling -

I am offering Ear Candling now, which is a lovely therapy having had this done I can tell you its so relaxing. It may be able to help with so many things like, colds, rhinitis, sinus problems, blocked ears you can even have it done prior to travelling, if you are like me and suffer pain in your ears when flying.

The candles themselves are hollow tubes of natural pure beeswax linen or cotton and impregnated with essential oils or therapeutic herbs. The client lies on their side whilst the therapist holds the candle in their ear, the candle has a chimney like effect which helps draw impurities, however it does not pull out wax, the benefits continue for some days after and you may find wax does come out in those days that follow. The therapy is followed by a gentle acupressure facial massage to aid in relaxation.

Unfortunately this therapy is not for those who have recently had ear operations, have grommets, cysts in the ear or recently had a a fever or stomach upset, it cannot be used in the first trimester of pregnancy or if you have low or high blood pressure, it may cause dizziness in this instance. However as with all therapies there will be a full consultation prior to the therapy to determine any contraindications.

The whole therapy takes around 30 mins (though I never rush my clients or my therapies) and costs £25.

Cant wait to see what February brings - can you?

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