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About Wyrd Thistle


My name is Lizzy, I was born in Edinburgh and spent my teenage years in Fife where a lot of my family still are... I am a mother of six in a blended family, and a grandmother of three with another on the way! 

I joined the WRNS back in 1984 and spent around six and half years as part of this wonderful service before leaving to have a family.

Over the years I have worked with vulnerable people, both adults and children. Working in schools supporting children with learning difficulties and behavioural issues, aiding parents and teachers, in and around Bedfordshire. I was in public protection, dealing with victims of crime, domestic violence. I worked for a while in the local authority before moving on to Victim Support in Hertfordshire.  

I started my businesses as 'Thistle Me This' based in Flitwick, Bedfordshire which has gone from strength to strength, however, we made the decision to move back to Fife when my son was accepted to Fife College, and of course, I have a lot of family there too. It has meant starting my business again from scratch in a new area, fortunately, I discovered Brag Enterprises and was able to obtain a room within their Levenmouth Enterprise Centre, I will very much miss my clientele in Flitwick, many of whom have become valued and trusted friends. I am very grateful to Brag Enterprises for their help in obtaining a therapy room.


So Thistle Me This has become 'Wyrd Thistle'. New start, new name, new home, I can only hope it proves to be as successful as Thistle Me this.

Over the years experience has taught me that sometimes life can get you down, it might be physical issues,  mental or emotional, or even lifestyle, it could be work or family related, so I have continued; my learning, researching and developing skills, to help and aid, bringing balance and healing to those who need it.  


Often with pain, there seems to be no reason, but we are emotional people, we can hold onto baggage, stress, tension, emotion in our bodies instead of letting it out and when we do that, it will eventually manifest as pain or discomfort, that's where I can help too. I am very aware you are more just a body. Helping you is what drives me every day.


This past year living under the pandemic conditions and restrictions has been hard on all of us but especially those on their own, or those risking everything in their jobs, in the coming months and years there is a lot we will have to deal with, personally, professionally and in the wider communities. It's important to acknowledge that this can manifest itself in pain, mental illness and emotional ups and downs, always take care of yourself, you are valued more than you realise and I know, someone somewhere thinks of you and smiles. It's true.

Life is for living and it continues to amaze me and bring me joy, as do the people who walk through my door, and for that, I am grateful every day, so don't suffer or put up with niggles and pain and stiffness, achy backs or legs or necks, come and see me, see how I can help you find your mojo, balance, joy.

I am a fully qualified  Holistic Therapist, gained the first qualifications in 2001 and have been practising ever since. I am a member of the Association of Physical and Natural Therapist (APNT) who are affiliated with the SMTO and fully insured by Balens.


My training and enthusiasm will continue as long as people need me, with years of experience, new skills and methods to ensure you always get exactly the best. Something tailored directly for you as an individual. I keep my skills updated to stay current on specific pain issues and new methods or techniques to deal with them. I have completed courses in Advanced Clinical Massage therapy, trigger point, myofascial release, direct structural integration approaches, cranial work and visceral manipulation, scar work,  and a fusion of the best Eastern and Western techniques, all designed so I have the tools necessary to ease your pain, without causing pain.


I am also a Reiki practitioner and have been for about 20 years, and a Shamanic Practitioner, studying various Shamanic pathways including British. I am undertaking a Druid Bardic Course and of course, ongoing development with the marvellous Jing of Brighton continues. 


My approach is holistic and each therapy is unique simply because you are unique. During the consultation and discussion, we determine the best approach for you. I learn what your needs are and we work together to help you heal. On any level you require. I am honest with you and expect you to work with me too. I provide an aftercare service of movement therapy and specific exercises to keep you going between massage therapies, putting you in control.

My practice is hands-on physical, spiritual and safe, I use hot stones, bamboo, organic products (most vegan) massage wax, aromatherapy oils, crystals, all because 'The best wealth is health', massage isn't just for holidays and I treat people not just pain.


Back when I turned 30 I made a promise to myself to learn something new every year and I think I'm managing so far. It's fair to say it's not always by choice though!  When I'm not working or with my 'children', you can find me volunteering, walking for charity, training, fundraising, reading, attempting to grow veg (!) I like to try stuff I've never done before, like making an overbed table (it's great), upholstery, crocheting, organising events or on the very odd occasion tidying my house! I have been in Panto, (directed, produced and written) for over 15 years but never once had a singing role .........I can sing ........but no one likes listening.

Information about charity work - I am a huge believer in community, small and large, and supporting that community in any way I can.

Flitwick Volunteers is a group instigated by myself and immediately taken on by wonderful people in Flitwick to provide aid and raise funds in the community. It has approx 40 members and has been welcomed by the Town Council.

Flitwick Net for Business I created last year out of a need to support local business from the large to the micro, during the pandemic, it was quickly taken up by Flitwick Town Council and is published on their website, as well as print copies available in reception. The tiny subscription was donated to charity under the agreement of all 90 businesses.

Charity Work

In 2015 I lost my brother suddenly and approaching the year of his death I found it very difficult, so I started walking, I decided to try and do some good for others whilst doing it and ended up walking 300 miles in the November of 2016 for Alzheimer's Research. This helped me hugely to deal with my grief at that time, the pain and loss were as fresh as the day it happened. 

The following year my younger brother and I attempted the Ridgeway, again in my brothers' honour, which would have been over sixty miles in two days but unfortunately only managed halfway, on a wish and a prayer, he got injured. So we had to leave it that year. We were raising funds for MIND and SSAFA

The year after I walked, with a friend, the Ridgeway as part of Race to the Stones, it was pretty gruelling as it was the hottest July for years. Unfortunately, she injured herself and couldn't complete the second day, we were fundraising for SSAFA. This was a distance of 100km in two days. (photo 1)

In 2019 my wee cousin and I decided to walk the John Muir Way which is coast to coast in Scotland, a journey of 136 miles, it took us 6 days but we did it... much to our surprise.
We were fundraising for
Women's Aid/Women's Aid Fife (Photo 3) It's something I am very proud of and gave us laughs for many years to come!

In 2020 I was due to walk the Fife Coastal Path for MIND, Age UK and Flynn (my dog) was walking for the PDSA. Due to the virus, we have ended up doing this virtually, 16 miles a day for 7 days. (last photo with my son) 

Inbetween I have provided help to the runners for Stroke Association at the London Marathon for two years prior to the pandemic and with help from clients of Thistle Me This, we raised funds for Red Nose Day (day of back massage) and earlier when Australia was burning we raised money to send to the RSPCA SA, the Indigenous Peoples Fund and a fund for people misplaced due to the fires, by holding a 12 hour Reiki day, but there were also donations by those who couldn't attend. My absolute heroes are the everyday folk who care,  I couldn't have done or still do, any of this without you and your good hearts. 💕 so Thank you. (clients of Thistle Me This)

Between October and December 2020 Thistle Me This, clients and friends raised funds for Macmillan and the Need Christmas Project in conjunction with Flitwick Volunteers

I look forward to working with people and community of Levenmouth to help in anyway I can. I am also aiming to walk the Fife Coastal Path this year for real!!