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All our products used by us are trusted and organic, a lot are vegan, some come from Scotland and some from Wales, some are homemade, but all are wonderful.

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I am now stocking and supplying  Pure Sport CBD oil (THC free ) message me for more information.

I am also looking to stock and use the wonderful products from Beeswax Scotland located in Fife and I am so happy I found them! (

I have Vegan Wax from the Vegan Wax Company in Wales and I also use and supply magnesium cream from Berry Naturals UK ( as well as other wonderful products they produce.

I have gift cards available and can put together gift bags/pouches which can be tailored to suit.

Fabulous natural organic products 

Botanicals personal care and wellness products are blended by hand using only carefully selected natural and organic ingredients - and absolutely no petrochemicals or synthetic additives.

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All our Beeswax is produced in the Scottish Highlands, including our own back garden where our busy bees are always hard at work!


We carefully research all our ingredients and packaging; selecting recyclable & sustainable materials, and where viable reducing air-miles, without compromising the quality or presentation of our products.

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Pure Sport CBD came to fruition when two good friends, both professional athletes experienced the benefits of CBD. After years of playing a high contact physical game, the two were sick of coping with the constant aches and pains of old injuries and the heavy contact they were taking in their profession. They created a bespoke product made for athletes to take CBD safely.Our CBD products go through a rigid testing protocol which involves two separate third party companies testing each batch of product to guarantee 0% THC. Our products are tested by the most advanced cannabinoid testing kit in the world.